Ashaiman YSA Plan for Success

The Ashaiman Stake YSA committee has found a recipe for success as they meet together to provide meaningful activities that bless the lives of their young adults.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

With twelve units and a large population of young single adults, the YSA committee understands how important each individual is to both them and the Lord. They meet monthly to determine what activities will best address the needs of their peers. Each ward/branch YSA leader is involved and included in the planning of stake activities.  They in turn use this same process to work with the YSA’s in their respective wards/branches.  YSA’s have individual concerns about life’s challenges and meeting the needs of the young single adults takes inspiration and planning with a gospel purpose.  The Ashaiman Stake YSA committee follows these principles in organizing and planning activities that are then presented to their priesthood leaders for approval.

During one meeting, the Ashaiman YSA committee divided into four groups and shared their most successful ward activities with a gospel purpose. Later, they shared them with the entire committee.  They also took time to review the activity level of each unit.  Each ward representative was asked to provide a list of who was not attending and a discussion on best practices for fellowshipping and rescuing took place.  A member of the stake presidency also gave counsel.  Each ward committee member left empowered with new ideas and direction to serve their young single adults.

Activities that focus on gospel principles will strengthen testimonies and allow hearts to be touched.  Getting to know each other through enjoyable activities and socializing encourages proper dating which leads to temple marriage.  As we make our priority the strengthening of testimonies, and focusing on the Lord’s purpose, we will encourage all members and non-members to receive essential ordinances, keep the associated covenants and qualify for Eternal Life.