Baby MTC Makes History

Baby MTC Makes History

On Monday evening, 13 June 2016, a group of 35 saints from Sierra Leone arrived in Ghana to attend the Accra Temple. It was their first flight on an airplane, and though they were confused upon arrival as to where to go, a kind-hearted soul helped them through immigration, the baggage carousel and into the arrivals hall to meet their bus. They travelled to the Area Ancillary Building, in the Temple compound next to the Temple, which would be their accommodation for next five days, and got settled.

As first time Temple attendees these faithful saints had sacrificed all they had to attend the Temple, some having waited as much as two years before saving enough to make it possible. Among them were District and Branch Presidents, Relief Society Presidents, District Counsellors and home teachers.

One of the members, Theressa Conteh, came with her husband, Rhaman, to receive their own endowment and be sealed to their children.  They planned to start the first morning after their arrival, but the baby Theressa was expecting to arrive in two weeks had other plans.  At about 2:00 AM Tuesday morning Sister Theressa Conteh began labour.   Completely unprepared for this unexpected event,  the 34 saints from Sierra Leone generously volunteered to pool their available funds to pay the hospital fee and taxi fare to and from the hospital.  A few hours later Moroni Temple Conteh came into the world. 

Eager to get to the temple, Theressa quickly regained her strength and on Wednesday attended the temple to receive her endowment.  Then on Thursday, the 16th of June, Moroni Temple Conteh, (wrapped in a warm white towel) was sealed to his father, mother, and siblings.  They are an eternal family. Moroni had created history, and the miracles were not over.

Having depleted all their funds paying the costs of the birth, the family and other Sierra Leone saints were left with nothing to obtain supplies for the new baby. Within a couple of hours, diapers, clothes, a few groceries and other essentials appeared, generously given by friends who learned of Moroni’s arrival.

Because little Moroni was born in Ghana, he now needed a passport to return to Sierra Leone. Area senior missionaries went to work and collected a passport photo, a Birth Certificate and spent days searching for the Sierra Leone High Commission to obtain an Emergency Travel Certificate. Within hours of their departure, the required documents were delivered to his grateful and happy family for their flight home.

The Temple Patron Assistance Fund (TPAF) is available in the Area for first time Temple attendees who wish to attend the Temple. The fund requires a small contribution of the member. The TPAF is funded globally by those with resources to give to those whom have little or nothing. With the assistance of this program, the 35 saints from Sierra Leone were blessed to come to the temple, receive the saving ordinances and unite their family for eternity.