Tema Stake Young Single Adult Family Home Evening

The Tema Stake Young Single Adults decided to have a Family Home Evening for their monthly activity at the stake center. Together they watched a video of a talk by Elder Holland regarding Valentine’s Day and love. Elder Holland talked about the attributes we look for in a spouse, including genuine love, charity, and trust.  He also emphasized the importance of each person in a relationship bringing out the best in each other.  When these types of feelings and attributes do not surface, then we should continue our dating experiences until we feel comfortable in these areas and enjoy a healthy relationship.

Elder and Sister Pierce, the Area YSA Senior Missionaries also presented the Area YSA Plan and discussed that the purpose of activities in the Church is to help each of us receive the essential ordinances, keep the associated covenants and qualify for Eternal Life—and for each of us to help one other person to do that as well.  To assist the YSA’s in this effort, weekly Sunday School classes for YSA’s are being implemented as well as weekly family home evenings in each ward.  These two Church approved programs which are discussed in handbook 2 will provide a place for YSA’s to meet and a place to call home.  They will be able to enjoy the Gospel Doctrine curriculum and enjoy weekly activities planned with a gospel purpose which will strengthen testimonies and have fun socializing together.