A Call to Action: Teshie YSA Meets with Presidency


The newly called Stake Presidents of Teshie Ghana Stake seized the opportunity to encourage the Young Single Adults to embrace the 2017 Area goals.

The devotional was held under the theme ‘Encouraging and Strengthening the Rising Generation’.

President Jeffery Bothwey, second counselor in the stake presidency, led the discussion. He began by asking the gathered YSA’S to share their challenges they might be facing in their lives.

The YSA’S, in-turns, outlined their immediate problems and asked the leaders to aid them.

Some of their challenges were job or financial constraints, lack of eternal perspective, ignorance of dating guidelines, bride price, infrequent temple attendance, law of chastity, word of wisdom, and tardiness toward sacrament meetings.

The Stake President appreciated their honest submission of the challenges and touched on job or financial constraints.  He averred that, “If one wants to really succeed in this life then he or she must strengthen his or her financial base through honest tithes and offerings, and the proper utilization of the self- reliance principles taught in the church, especially Starting and Growing My Business in the self-reliance program.

He continued to admonish the YSA to build faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and start little businesses even as they pursue their desired programs in universities.

On the part of the dating challenges, President Abbam, the first counselor in the stake presidency, cautioned the YSA on steady dating.  He re-echoed the principles found in the Strength of Youth about dating and tasked the YSA to abide by them. On the issue of bride price, he promised to persistently remind parents to discontinue such acts in the coming days.

The YSA felt hopeful as their leaders toured them through the principles of life.  They felt the spirit through their leaders and promised to follow their counsels and make right decisions onwards.