YSA Leadership Training YouTube Playlist This has a series of videos that teach you the YSA program and Gathering Places as well as how you fit in. 

Gathering Place Forms Packet  these are forms to aid in the development and running of a Gathering Place

YSA Gathering Place YouTube Playlist has short videos of activities and skills that go on at Gathering Places. It also has Success Stories of YSA who have used the Gathering Place to enhance there lives.

Gathering Place Forms Packet Is a compilation of forms that can help the YSA run there Gathering Place, everything from rolls to budgets.

Gathering Place Mission Statement
A designated church location for Young Single Adults and their friends to gather and participate in priesthood directed and YSA led experiences and activities.

Strengthen Young Single Adults: 
• Spiritually
• Socially
• Emotionally
• Educationally 
• Professionally 

Help Young Single Adults:
• Stay on the covenant path
• Be powerful leaders
• Be sealed in the temple  
• Fulfill their divinely appointed roles of providers and nurturers
• Grow closer to God

• Make up
• Hair & Braiding
• Wig Making
• Sewing 
• Beading

• Hair Dressing
• Cosmetology
• Driving
• Electronics Repair  
• Satelite Installation
• Barbering
• Decor

Production & Agriculture
• Fish Farming
• Chicken Farming
• Bee Keeping
• Farming 
• Soap Making
• Baking
• Catering

Technology & Education
• Web Design
• Graphic Design
• Computer Sience
• Mission Prep 
• Multi Media
• Photography
• Coding

• Plumbing
• Electrician
• Welding
• Wood Working 
• Construction
• Masonry
• Concrete & Tile
• Aluminum & Fabrication

Other Opportunities
• BYU Pathway
• Bloom
• Institute
• Mission Prep 
• Returning Missionaries
• The Covenant Path
• Upgrade Your Work
• Parenting
• Perpetual Education Fund