A Sacred Sealing-A Tender Mercy

A Sacred Sealing-A Tender Mercy

Great was the joy of those in attendance when Sister Walker and her two children from Liberia were sealed in the Ghana Temple to her deceased husband.  The heart-rending circumstances leading to this sacred sealing ceremony are a testimony to all that the Lord has His hand in the accomplishment of this divine blessing in the lives of faithful saints.

 Sister Walker came with her two children along with an excursion group from Liberia to receive temple blessings and she and the children sealed to her deceased husband.  As the necessary documents were prepared to bring this about, it was discovered that her husband had only been dead for eight months. The requirements are that one year from the date of death elapse before these sealing ordinances can be performed. “I shall never forget bringing Sister Walker this news,” writes former President Grant Gunnell, Accra Temple President (2004-2007)  “It was near the window of the recorder’s office and with the most disappointed look I have ever seen (it still haunts me) Sister Walker simply “wilted” to the floor and began sobbing.  After some minutes trying to comfort her, we assisted her into my office where the tears continued to flow.”

“This is the kind of an experience that tugs at your heart strings where one wants to do what is humanly possible to accommodate a patron in the temple.”

“I listened and tried to comfort her with the help of Sister Gunnell, but with little or no avail,” recalls President Gunnell.  “I felt impressed to telephone the office of the First Presidency but said nothing to Sister Walker. I suggested she go back to the ancillary building to be with her children and I would be in contact with her later in the day. I realized too that she had used all her money to be here with the excursion group from Liberia and may never obtain enough money to come back. Due to the difference in the time zones, I needed to wait about six hours for the First Presidency’s office to open.”

“At an appropriate time I made the call and spoke with the secretary to the First Presidency and explained the circumstances.  He put me on hold for a short time and came back and said the brethren had approved us to go ahead and process the sealing of the family and wave the required full year waiting period.”

“We sent for Sister Walker and I shall never forget the look of peace and comfort when I announced that the brethren had approved us to proceed with their family sealing.  She said thank you, thank you,  over and over again and again.  It was a joyous occasion for all who were aware of this circumstance as we too rejoiced this day.”