A Testimony of the True Church

A Testimony of the True Church

Though he has had his fair share of life’s greatest turbulence and challenges, what keeps Bishop Reuben Kwame Ahwireng going strongly is his testimony of the blessings that come with adherence to the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Like many youth in the developing world, particularly Africa, and especially those who have their kinsmen or close relations in Europe and America, Reuben Ahwireng grew up with the mindset of having an opportunity to travel to the developed world and make it big there since his father had been there for quite some time. He became so disappointed when his long-held plan of travelling to the United States of America did not materialize after several painstaking attempts. But little did he know that God was mindful of his heart’s desires and that he could still succeed in his own home country Ghana.

Bishop Ahwireng recalls how he subsequently availed himself of the wise and divinely inspired counsels of his Priesthood leaders and the positive consequences that followed.

“I was counseled by my Bishop to focus on my education and my training in preparation for opportunities that lie ahead in life. Initially the challenge was quite difficult for me to accept since I could not see those opportunities readily available.  I was relying on the natural manly instincts which were rather shortsighted. But today I am very glad I did accept that undertaking.”

“What followed was a ‘journey’ well guided to the extent that with all my limitations as a fallible human being there was nothing like a calamitous or fatal mistake in my life.”

Bishop Ahwireng made it a point to pay critical attention to conference talks and other addresses of both local and international leaders of the church – most importantly the First Presidency.   

“Indeed knowing that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s kingdom once again established on this earth is a huge step forward. This is because when you have this firm testimony you would also come to realize that those who are called have been called of God and represent the will and mind of the ‘Master’ as far as the affairs of His elect are concerned,” Reuben acknowledges. “I am what I am today because I have in my own small way kept and observed the principles and teachings of the church; one of which is heeding the admonitions of those called into leadership positions.”

 “Unfortunately, sometimes we tend to limit attention to human error and downplay what may genuinely be coming from the Lord. We need to always remember that God works in a mysterious way and that out of small and simple things are greater things brought to pass,” he affirms.

Bishop Awhireng states that one experience he always remembers with a feeling of fulfillment is the opportunity he had to serve a full-time mission, which he admits prepared him for the highly demanding challenges in life.

Currently, Bishop Ahwireng presides over a wonderful family, is relatively well educated, skilled, usefully employed and happily settled.