Africa West Area Welcomes New Director for Temporal Affairs. 

DTA : Flint Ekyem Mensah

The Africa West Area is delighted to welcome Flint Ekyem Mensah as the new Director for Temporal Affairs succeeding Francis Kazeh-Anfo who has been assigned to the Africa Central Area. Brother Flint Mensah has been in church employment for nearly two decades, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to this role.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Cape Coast (Ghana), a Master of Public Administration degree from Brigham Young University and a Master of Science in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences from Utah State University (USA). He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a certified Product Manager.

He has worked in many different roles in the Africa West Area and the church’s head office in Salt Lake City.


His most recent role was the Support Services Manager. Before this, he worked as Area Self-Reliance Manager, Area Publishing Services Manager, and Learning and Development Manager.

While working in Salt Lake City, he worked as, Product Manager for Digital Channels - Priesthood & Family Department and as Project Manager –, Language Product Manager and Project Coordinator in the Publishing Services Department.

Brother Mensah has travelled extensively in West Africa due to his work assignments, giving him a comprehensive awareness of the needs and operations of the Church in West Africa.

Brother Mensah has served in a variety of Church callings including Stake Clerk, Stake Executive Secretary, Branch President, Bishop, and Stake President. With these services and experiences garnered over the years, it is without doubt that Brother Mensah would be very resourceful and ready for his new task as DTA.


His installation as a DTA was conducted by Bishop L. Todd Budge, second counselor in the Presiding Bishopric on 20th June 2022. During the installation meeting, Brother Mensah emphasized on roles we all play as members of the Lord’s church in the gathering of Israel. He entreated that we diligently do our duties with humility and sacrifice and added that the service we render whether temporal or ecclesiastical, prepares us individually as children of God, to grow spiritually and physically to be with Jesus Christ someday. Brother Mensah is married to Felicia, and they are the parents of four children.

As the Director for Temporal Affairs, Brother Mensah represents the Presiding Bishopric and supports the Area Presidency in the Africa West Area as he oversees the Church’s humanitarian, welfare and self-reliance efforts, design, construction and maintenance of buildings, finance, materials management, human resource, information and communication systems and other temporal affairs functions.

As the Africa West Area continues to experience fast expansion, it is truly a blessing to have Brother Flint Ekyem Mensah as the new DTA. We of the Africa West Area express our gratitude and support for him as he embarks on this noble assignment.