All African Service Project Tamale 2017

There is something about helping others that just makes you want to dance.​

Others just want to show off the latest fashion in work dungarees.


But everyone wanted to be at the annual All African Service project where 80+ Mormon Helping Hands showed up at 6:30 (or later) in the morning to help beautify Tamale. 

Service truck

From the Aboabo traffic light to the Central Mosque, the gloved helping hands were picking, shoveling, bagging, and hauling away trash and making the place on the street and around the many vendors a much cleaner and nicer place to be.  In communities all over Africa that have a congregation of Latter-day Saints, Helping Hands turned out to help out.


Some didn’t want to be recognized so they wore masks.


Not only is this place cleaner and nicer, but these folks will have fun doing anything as long as they are together.

We wish to thank all of the members of the Tamale District of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Christian Afadi as the district president, for all of their help on this great day of cleaning up.