Watch: Africa West Area 2020 April General Conference Viewing Documentary

Members share joy after Historic General Conference.

The 2020 April General was foretold by President Russell M. Nelson to be historic and memorable; “General conference next April will be different from any previous conference. In the next six months, I hope that every member and every family will prepare for a unique conference that will commemorate the very foundations of the restored gospel.”

For the first time, members, friends, and acquaintances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Africa West Area watched and listened to gospel messages from General Conference on Local Television and radio stations.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, members watched and listened to general conference by satellite broadcast in their local meetinghouses.

However, “after monitoring the changing conditions related to COVID-19 with a ban on public gatherings, including worship services, the Africa West Area Presidency through the communications department contacted local television and radio stations, successfully arranging for the conference to be distributed on their channels.

Some renowned state-owned and private Television, and Radio stations in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Liberia, and Sierra Leone accepted to broadcast all the designated sessions for members to participate in the General Conference.

Church members in other Africa West Area countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Mali and Senegal, participated via internet channels.

After the historic two-day event, members and some friends of the church expressed their joy this way;  

Osu Alata Manste (Nii Kwabena Bonne V) and the wife  said; “We have been overwhelmed by the live broadcast of the April 2020 General Conference on GHOne a Ghanaian TV Station both the 12 noon -  2 pm  & 4 pm 6pm programs, all the Speakers were very clear with their words all about our Saviour Jesus Christ second coming, and how the  Church of the Latter Day Saints toil from 1820 date, the Lord had been very faithful to the Church, in fact l was touched by the concluding speech by the President Nelson. and last words 'Hosanna! Hosanna!! Hosanna!!!' Amen! Amen!! Amen!! with our white handkerchiefs”.

Members from Togo also recounted; “we are so grateful for the wonderful messages of the conference and particularly to the message of comfort and hope from our prophet.”

“Members of the Church have truly been comforted and strengthened as expected in these times of trial by the messages of the Prophets and the general authorities and feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to attend the General” said Essan Jacques Armel Niambe, Senegal Branch President.

Sierra Leone Saints also professed; “This is the best general conference I have ever watched from since I have been member of the church’’ some express in this way “Ever in my life have I listened to the prophet with such passion, I have come to know how important it is to have a prophet, and I have built more strength in keeping fast because of the call from the prophet about fasting for COVID-19.’’


Amid all the excitement, the Africa West Area was also blessed with calling of a General Authority (Elder Adeyinka Ayodeji Ojediran), three Area Seventies; Elders: Tonga J. Sai, Daniel Kabason, D. Martin Goury, and a Temple announced to be built in Benin City, Nigeria

The preproduced video of Church members on six continents singing “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet”  featured the Accra, Ghana Choir at the close of the Sunday afternoon session.