Guideline on the use of the Excerpts version of the General Handbook. 


We are pleased to announce the now completed, “Excerpts from the General Handbook.”The purpose of the Excerpts version is to help leaders and members administer the affairs of the Lord’s kingdom in a way best suited to the experience level of the local branch or ward where they serve.

The Excerpts version is about 22% of the full Handbook. It is not meant to replace the Handbook. It is a stepping stone or bridge to the larger version. Where more information is needed, the Handbook should always be the first source to answer questions. 

In Chapter 18, Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings, there are eight, locally produced instructional videos that demonstrate correct ordinance and blessing procedures. 

You may access the Excerpts Handbook on the Africa West Area website found at Priesthood leaders will also receive a hard copy for use within their unit. If more copies are desired, priesthood leaders may authorize the downloading and printing of the PDF Excerpts Handbook from the Africa West website

We are grateful for your faithful service.

May we “Let God Prevail” in all we do.