Ashaiman Stake YSA Activity A Great Success

On 14 February 2017, the Ashaiman Stake Young Single Adults organized and hosted an evening bonfire with the theme “Dating with an Eternal Perspective.” The activity was held at the Ashaiman Stake center where we invited elderly couples and leaders in the stake to hold discussions relating to the theme.

The activity took off with an opening prayer by Michael Adam Smith, of the Ashaiman Ward.  As we started the activity there were 48 young single adults in attendance. I welcomed all to the activity hoping everyone would feel right at home.  We then had an ice breaking game called Love Cube (a speed dating game) facilitated by Sister Sonia Abu and her husband Bishop Abu. The purpose of the game was to break the barriers of communication, help the young single adults get to know everyone present, and to foster friendship and unity. Some questions asked were, “Who is your hero?”  “If you were an ice cream flavor which one would you be and why?”  “What are your ten favorite foods?”  “What is something you hate/love doing and why?” and many more. The answers were hilarious and the young single adults were fired up by the end of the game.  The game took about an hour and half because by the middle of the game, the number of young adults had doubled up to 80 young adults and we wanted everyone to know everyone.

When we got to the peak of the evening, we lighted the bonfire and sat roundabout it. Unfortunately, Bishop and Sister Abu had to leave for a family night out. Our invited couples could not make it to the program so we had to improvise. However, we were lucky to have Brother Tsetse, the high councilman in charge of young single adults, present so he joined me to facilitate the discussion from questions asked by the young single adults. The interesting questions surrounded dating and marriage as the Lord will want it. Some of questions were, “How do I get married when I am done with a mission and now in school?” “How do I settle down with her if she all she wants is education now and not a family?”  “I am a young lady, how do I tell him I like him when he is not making a move?” “What do I look for in a young man/woman I want to marry?” and many others. It was a good discussion, the responses from the young adults were remarkable, and we cautioned each other to be confident, bold and look for Christ-like attributes in our future spouses.      

President Alexander Boateng, the First Counselor of the Stake Presidency, came around and concluded the activity by advising us to be patient with each other and look out for the best in each other. We had a magnificent activity, closing up with hymn number 240, Know This That Every Soul Is Free and a closing prayer by Alfred Gaglo, a young single from Bethlehem ward.

I asked some young adults how they felt after the activity and some responses were:

·       “This is my first time here and I loved it!”

·       “This is the best YSA event I have attended!”

·       “ Great job Tasha and your team, this was very organized and exciting”

·       “ I am not in your stake but I would love to be here all the time”

The total attendance was 92 and I felt fulfilled that my Young Single Adults left the activity with smiles and laughter.