Ashaiman Stake YSAs Evening of Music and the Spoken Word

'Today the Choir will sing words that will touch your hearts and penetrate your souls.'


The Ashaiman stake Young Single Adults thrilled church leaders, members, and organized choral groups with renditions of sacred music and spoken word on September 1, 2019.

Organizers (YSA Reps) explained the reason for the event as an opportunity for YSAs and members to gather and listen to sacred and inspirational Songs and Messages that will pierce their hearts and cause them to do good continually.  Engage worthy YSAs in a good course to be instruments of conversion and inspiration to the people around them.  The concert was presided by Elder Isaac Kofi Morrison, Area Authority Seventy.

In his welcome address, President Nikoi Dsane commended the efforts of preparation and sacrifice the YSAs had put up to bring such an uplifting event.  Said he, 'Today the Choir will sing words that will touch your hearts and penetrate your souls. They told me not to say this. When I asked them what we should expect this evening, do you know what they said? Expect FIRE!! I know there are two ways that the word of God gets to us. One way is through talks and another way is through Music. I like the latter one, via music. Why? Because music teaches the words of God in a melodious way as we are enticed to the music, the words get into our hearts. May we open our hearts and our minds to the beautiful music and words we are going to hear tonight? You are all welcome to the Ashaiman YSAs Music and the Spoken Word.'

Cross section of the Choir sing their hearts out as the event proceeded

Below is the outline of the presentation;

First Spoken Word:  “Patriotism and Service” True To The Faith, Hymn # 254 by Kojo Gharbin, Afienya Ward.

Choir then did two selections:

*   Ghana National Anthem

*   Called to Serve

Second Spoken Word:  'Faith' - The Carpenter was read by Emmanuel Abunyaah, Ashaiman Ward.

The choir then sang three numbers:

*    I Believe in Christ

*    You Raised me Up

*    Musical performance (solo) by Elder Baleki

*Testimonies by Choir’s twins leaving for MTC in 9 days - Elders Sebastien Nokobi and Sylvester Nokobi of Ashaiman 1st Ward, (separate story package).

Third Spoken Word:  'Love'' Romans 8:31-39 by Pearl Bonsu

*A Solo performance then followed by Mitchelle Ajeigbe (Bless This Home)

*Testimony by President Isaac Abankwa from Tema Stake

Fourth Spoken Word: 'Praise and Thanksgiving 1'' Praise Ye the Lord, Hymn 74 by Beatrice Amenyo.

The choir then sang the following songs:

*   Lift Every Voice and Sing

*    Beautiful Saviour

*   Praise To The Lord

*Testimonies by Elder & Sister Magnum, Area YSA Couple.

Fifth Spoken word: 'Praise and Thanksgiving 2' Psalm 100, by Justice Addai.

The choir rendered the following 3 numbers:

* Aseda (thanksgiving)

*  Ayeyi Wura (adorable Lord)

*  Se Biribi Papa bi (if there was anything better than adoration, it is Thine)

Isaac K. Morrison

In his closing remarks, Elder Isaac Morrison mentioned the strength of the YSAs in Ashaiman Stake. He reiterated the fact that these YSAs will be presiding over the church in the next 10 to 20 years. “Brothers and Sisters, I am so impressed. I am truly, truly impressed.  Thank you so much. I am inspired this evening. I was not going to be around. I am coming from Sierra Leone and I wanted to be around to witness this event. It feels good to be home again and to see that your faith is escalating!” he continued “It feels so good to be home.  Thank you Ashaiman YSAs. I am so proud of you.  Been reflecting on many things. There is no better place for our worthy YSAs to be. I love the YSAs and the men who have served and are going to serve missions.  There is a lot of strength in this stake”.

 In conclusion, I just have one thing to say.  Several years ago, King Benjamin gave a sermon that touched the hearts of all the people of Zarahemla.

Mosiah Chapter 5 verse 2.  After many years, some of the people who were there, 20 years afterward, many of the rising generations could not understand the words which King Benjamin spoke because they were small at the time.  Where will the Church be, 20 years from now? Our children and our youth and the rising generation are those who will preside over us, 20 years from now.

When I was called as an Area Seventy, one-month-old, I was assigned with Elder Clayton and after stake conference was done, he said to me Elder Morrison “Tell the stake president that he should pay special attention to the YSAs, tell him to hold many activities for the YSAs. Tell him to pay special attention to the rising generation.


The event was favored with success. Below are impressions from guests, members, and leaders.

  “My heart is full of joy to see this dream come true. We cherish our YSAs and we do everything we can to lead them to the Savior Jesus Christ. Today, they have sung from their heart, their mind and thought and it was firm and pure. They brought joy and hope to many people today. They ministered to them through music. This is just the beginning, many more of such will follow”. – President Alexander K. Boateng, Stake President   

“Ashaiman YSA music and the spoken word was awesome, they did very well and it was well organized and well attended by friends and family members. Very encouraging. Being the first of its kind, all I say is thump's up for the organizers”. - Bishop Franklin Aryee, Bethlehem Ward.

 “This has been a very beautiful event and attendance has been so great! It looks as if it is a mini stake conference.  The Choir has done very well.” - President David Obboh, Santoe Branch President.

“The Spirit has been felt so strongly through this song ministration and the spoken words shared. It has been great being in attendance.” - Full-Time Missionaries

“Wow! This has been an amazing Sunday. What a fantastic Sabbath day we have had, hearing amazing testimonies and now listening to this great choir”. - Elder & Sister Magnum, who represented the Area YSA Couple.

“That was a wonderful program. It was worth all the struggles, stress, sacrifices and inputs made. It was not easy, but that is partly because it was the first time.  I feel it went the way we had anticipated. I'm glad we did this”. - David Ankrah, Ashaiman Stake YSA Male Representative & Member of YSA Choir.

“Praise be to God for our talents. The Ghana National Anthem was the first to be performed, to show our patriotism. God hears and answers prayers. There were so many challenges before the event, but God saw me through.  - Lucy Ayebea Anaafi-Apraku, Leader of Stake YSA Choir, Ashaiman.