Benin Cotonou Mission

Benin Cotonou Mission
Myles Proudfoot & Julie Proudfoot
Myles Proudfoot & Julie Proudfoot

Benin Cotonou Mission

Myles Proudfoot and Julie Proudfoot

Myles Proudfoot and Julie Proudfoot, four children, Highland 43rd Ward, HighlandUtah Stake: Benin Cotonou Mission. President Proudfoot is a former high councilor,bishop, bishopric counselor, elders quorum president, ward Young Men president,temple ordinance worker, and missionary in the England Coventry Mission. He was born in London, England, to Charles Proudfoot and Tessa Proudfoot.


Sister Proudfoot is a former stake Primary presidency counselor, ward Relief Society president, ward Young Women president, ward Primary presidency counselor, SundaySchool teacher, temple ordinance worker, and missionary in the Haiti Port-au-Prince Mission. She was born in St Albans, England, to David John Ellis and Jeanette Ellis.


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