Christmas: A Time of Celebration and Renewed Testimony of the Son of God

Christmas: A Time of Celebration and Renewed Testimony of the Son of God

Aba, Nigeria

The Christmas devotional of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is about celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ through songs, scriptural passages and Christmas lights.  Lights represent Christ as the Light of the World and should represent our lives as well as we “let our lights shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in Heaven.”

In the Aba Nigeria Stake, the Christmas devotional was held on the 14th of December where many members and non-member friends attended. Messages were given by the Bishops and Stake President Kennedy Njoku who presided.  He spoke from the words of the prophets concerning Christmas.  He counseled that Christmas is about love – worldly things are not actually the meaning of Christmas.  Rather, we will find joy when we make the Savior the focus of Christmas and be willing to share what we have with others.

The Bishops talked on sacrifice:  that we should sacrifice all we have for others to help them feel the spirit of Christmas.  Visitations should be made to hospitals, the motherless babies’ home and other opportunities.

Primary children were excited to dress in traditional attire and present their Christmas welcome songs while the youth performed a choreographed dance.

Okpuala Ngwa District, Nigeria

“Making Room for the Savior in our Hearts” was the theme in the Okpuala Ngwa District.  Traditional rulers, singing groups and other community opinion leaders around the District who were invited all attended and they all felt the spirit of Christmas.

Messages expressed at the activity centered on two themes:

  • “A gift of the Son of God who was sent to establish His Church on earth”
  • Because the birth and life of the Lord Jesus Christ bring us such hope, we should engage in selfless service throughout the Christmas season.

Ile-Ife District, Nigeria

It was fun galore as members of the church in Ile-Ife celebrated Christmas.  The December event took place at the District center and featured presentations, workshop and quiz on the Seminary course for the coming New Year, sports competitions between various branches, a Father Christmas show for the Primary kids and a musical concert. 

“The activity is aimed at assisting members to invite the less active members and helping returning members find friendship, fun and spirituality in the Church,” stated President Basiru Samuel of the District Presidency.  Counselor in the Eleyele First branch, Adekunle Ojo noted that “the activity will help participants feel closer to God.”  President Basiru expressed delight that the many invitations which had been extended out a week before had yielded positive results as many of those visited were not only present but also came with their friends. 

A less active family, Brother Richmond Opoku, his wife Funke Leah and their two children, Rachael and Stephen Opoku were happy being back at the Church.  “We are happy to be back and will continue to be in the Church and by the grace of God will strive to be in the Temple to have our Endowment and sealing, “Brother Opoku enthused.

The concert featured Christmas carols rendered in English, German and Latin.  In addition Christmas Africana, showcasing Christmas songs in four Nigerian indigenous languages – Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo an Ijaw.  There were also presentations from select members of the choir.

The concert also served as an Open House for investigators and non-members to appreciate our love for the Savior and our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of the world,” President Basiru said in his closing remarks.

The annual Christmas event serves to remind people about Jesus Christ and encourage them to do His work, especially in these times when materialism is so prevalent.