Church Creates First Branch in the African Country of Guinea

guinea members

The Church created its first branch in the African country of Guinea, according to

As a result, the new Conakry Branch and the entire country of Guinea were assigned to the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission, a first for the country. 

The organization of the branch follows Elder Bednar's historic visit to Senegal, Guinea, and Mali—making him the first apostle to ever visit Saints in those West African countries. 

“We are all brothers and sisters of a Heavenly Father who loves us,” Elder Bednar said during his visit, according to Mormon Newsroom. “Every father and mother hearing my voice want the best for their children. Heavenly Father wants the same for each of us. God provided a plan for us. Knowing we are His children changes everything, it gives us direction and purpose.”

While the Church has not published membership statistics for Guinea as of yet, according to newworldencyclopedia.orgabout 8 percent of the country identifies as Christian and the official language of the country is French.