Conversion Story:  Michael Ansah-Sackey

Michael decided to get baptized, a decision his mother opposed.

Ansah Sackey
Michael Ansah-Sackey

His friend Emmanuel Adu-Gyamfi was just different. “I wanted to investigate him,” Michael recalls. Emmanuel was a mutual friend of Michael’s Uncle whom he visited often and played football with. Emmanuel promised to introduce him to his ‘friends’, who turned out to be the missionaries. The first question Michael asked the missionaries was whether they believed in baptism. The missionaries did not answer his question directly but rather told him of how Joseph Smith restored the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   Michael was not interested in Joseph Smith’s vision but when the Book of Mormon was introduced his interest aroused. He was given a copy and asked to read and pray about it, which he did. He attended LDS Church the following Sunday, against the wishes of his mother who had heard and believed a lot of negative things about the church.

One night Michael knelt to ask the Lord about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. After his prayer, he was filled with tears, had a full heart with goosebumps all over his body, and heard in his mind say: ‘The Book of Mormon is true.’ He adds, “Even though it has been some years since that incident, the voice still remains clear in my head today.  I later came to know that was the Holy Ghost prompting me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon because I did as the missionaries told me.”

Michael decided to get baptized, a decision his mother opposed. He was baptized regardless of his mother’s skepticism about LDS church. He a wonderful baptismal service with his Uncle in attendance. Michael remained strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and proved to his mother the reality of gospel-centered life. His mother observed some life changes in his attitude after he got baptized. She testified “I have seen a light all over you after your baptism.”

As his testimony grew, he began to have the desire to serve a full-time mission. He planned fervently towards it even though he still didn’t have the full support of his mother. Amid economic hardship, Michael worked really hard to raise money for his mission. He engaged in a lot of difficult menial jobs to make it happen.

He successfully got called to serve in Nigeria Enugu Mission. He completed his missionary work in the Nigeria Benin Mission which was created from Enugu Mission. After his mission, he worked on his mother’s conversion. His mother has accepted the gospel and is currently a strong member of Alajo Ward in Tesano Stake. She is preparing to have her endowment in the Ghana Accra Temple. She testifies of how she always worried about the cares of the world prior to her baptism. These worries were lifted after she joined the church, which she considers a miracle.

I bear my testimony that everything the Lord has planned for our sake will come to pass. We just have to be obedient, hearken to the commandments and do what is right. I know that Jesus Christ loves me because I feel his love every time and my confidence has waxed strong in the gospel.