Job Preparation Workshop  


Regular workshops are being offered that will assist you with writing your resumes/CV, developing effective interview skills and becoming the quality employee all employers are seeking.

   ·Writing an Effective Resume/CV

   ·Preparing for an Interview

   ·How to Succeed in the Workplace

It all begins after completing one of the following 12 week SRS Groups in your ward or stake.:

   ·Finding a Better Job

   ·Starting or Growing Your Own Business

If you need to join an SRS group, please contact your ward or Stake SRS Specialist or Missionary. 

Once one or both of these groups are completed

   · Submit this application and indicate which workshop (s) you would like to attend. 

   · Once notified of a time available, please respond to secure your place.

   · Bring your CV and a memorized “Me in 30 Seconds” statement.  You can prepare these requirements in your local Job Search Group.


    · Notify us if you cannot attend so another applicant can have that opportunity.

 Your participation in these workshops are opportunities to evaluate your performance and determine if you will qualify for the Workplace Training Program.

Workshops are given to those who need help after completing the 12 week SRS groups.

You can receive both instruction and personal assistance in the following areas.

   · Creating a resume/CV that will get an employer’s attention and be more likely to lead to an interview.

   · Learning the skills that will help you have an effective interview.

   · Understand the qualities that will make you stand out and become a valuable employee.

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