Exercising Faith In The Lord To Obey His Commandments

Tithing Box

I am Sister Kobri Badjo Chantale of Santé Ward, the Relief Society president of the of Abidjan Toit Rouge Stake, Cote D'ivoire. I was living in Alepe, a small town a little way from Abidjan. At first I was paying my tithes correctly. I had a box in which I put my tithe at the end of each month. I was teaching in a private school there. So every time that I had the opportunity to come to Abidjan, I deposited my tithe, without any problem, for all of the months that I had passed. Meanwhile, despite my small salary, I managed to save at least 10,000 francs every month.

One day, I decided to borrow the tithe money that I was keeping to solve a problem. This was the biggest mistake of my life. Since that day, I have never been able to pay my tithe again, nor have I been able to pay back the loan to the Lord. This was the beginning of all my misfortunes. I even have had two surgical operations in two consecutive years. I still had debts; I could no more save money. I was sick all the time. Then, I realized that everything was related to my non-obedience to the law of tithing.

I made a decision. One day, I decided to make this promise to Heavenly Father - to exercise faith in Jesus Christ and always pay my tithe, no matter what challenges or needs came along. I told Him, “But please Father, I beg thee to save me from this difficult situation that I have been going through for some time.”

Then I kept the faith and without any resistance, I began to pay a complete tithe.  Since then, I have had no more difficulty in paying a regular and full tithe. My problems have also come to an end. I do not say that I am now wealthy, but I have good health, and peace in my heart. I no longer have any debt, and whatever the situation in which I find myself there is always a solution.

I testify that if we show enough faith in Jesus Christ, and obey the commandments, we will always have the support of our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen