Family Re-united by Two “Young Boys”

Family Re-united by Two “Young Boys”

Sister Rita Ogagaworia was referred to us, Elder Deedweh and Elder Cooper, by Brother Francis, her neighbor and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Benin City, Nigeria. When we met this woman, she was having a problem with her marriage, which led her to leave her home and go to a different location with her five children, four of whom were of baptism age. This was a concern that we could not resolve ourselves. My companion and I sought the help of the Lord by fasting and praying for Sister Ogagaworia and her family. We knew we would receive the answer to our fasting and praying, as we taught this wonderful family. Four of her children were interested in the gospel and about one month later, these children were baptized on the 19th October, 2013 and confirmed as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the next day. They are now active in the Church, enjoying their membership in the gospel.

The Mission President interviewed Sister Ogagaworia and told us that she could not be baptized due to some problems within her marriage. We were disappointed, but the Mission President asked us to always visit and encourage her to keep the commitments she made to the Lord through our Mission President. Sister Ogagaworia told us that all efforts by friends and family members were of no use, and that the separation with her husband had happened several years ago.

We prayed and fasted and felt the impression that we should meet with her husband, Brother Ogagaworia. When we asked Sister Rita to take us to his home, she laughed and said that her parents could not bring them together, so why did we think we could. When we taught her about the Temple and its blessings, she expressed a desire go to the Temple but her marital problem was an issue. We asked, “Sister Rita, do you believe the Lord uses simple things so that great things are brought to pass?” Her answer was yes. Our response to her was, since you believe, let us go. Everything will be alright. She was still having that fear. Nevertheless, she asked one of her daughters to accompany us to their father’s home. Unfortunately, we did not meet him. They told us that he had gone on a trip. However, we were persistent. After two days, he returned from his travel. So we once again went to his home. Fortunately for us, we met him at his home that afternoon, where we introduce ourselves.

At first, he was surprised that two “boys” would want to talk to him about marriage and family. As we introduced ourselves and started a discussion with him, he welcomed us and we taught the restored gospel to him.  We taught him how important families are to our Father in Heaven. Before leaving his home, we asked him to pray about bringing his family together once again. He agreed. After a day, we followed up, and we met with him. When we asked him if he prayed, his response was positive and he felt it was time to bring his family back together. After two days, we went with Sister Rita to their home for reconciliation. Sister Rita had finally entered the home that she felt she couldn’t enter, because of Brother Isaac’s toughness. Now you can see that the Lord uses small and simple things, so that great things are brought to pass. Sister Rita’s problem was resolved between her and her husband. Sister Rita exclaimed, “I can believe! I can believe! You people are sent from Heaven!” Sister Ogagaworia and her children are now living together with her husband and their father after several years of separation. The Lord used two young “boys”. Her husband has started receiving missionary lessons but the discussions have been stopped, as he had to travel on a business trip.

Three months later, we called upon our Mission President, President Akingbade A. Ojo, for another interview and he approved Sister Ogagaworia’s baptism. She is now a baptized member with her four children in the Adesuwa 1st Ward of the Benin City Nigeria Ikpokpan Stake. She was baptized on the 18th January, 2014 (three months after her children were baptized) and confirmed the next day.