Father’s Heart Turned To Son

Father’s Heart Turned To Son

Frustrated by the lack of spirituality in most churches, Brother Robinson Urephu chose to remain at home on Sunday while his family went to churches of their choice.  He felt more comfortable watching the television on the Sabbath, than being in any one of the many churches where he did not feel the spirit.  Yet he yearned to know and worship the true God and His son Jesus Christ.

So when a colleague told him about a church he was yet to visit, Brother Urephu doubted him.  “I’ve been through the length and breadth of this city (Benin City) attending churches,” he sneered, “where is the church that I have not been to, what’s the name?”

“Have you been to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?”

“Where is that? Is it here in Benin?” Brother Urephu wanted to know.  In reply, he was promised a visit by some missionaries.

Robinson made his first contact with the missionaries and confessed to have felt very calm in spirit.  “I did not know what happened, but I felt some assurance with the young men,” he noted.

On the appointed day, Robinson readied his young family, and armed with a long list of questions, awaited the missionaries. 

“These missionaries are so young,” he thought, “They might have to invite their bishop to explain some of my concerns.”

But when the missionaries arrived, and began the discussion, Robinson marveled at the ease with which his questions were answered from the Holy Bible.  At last, he felt the Spirit about the truthfulness of what they had taught him.  However, according to him, some doubts began to creep into his mind again about the church. But Jesus was in control.

“That night,” he said, “my late father appeared to me in a dream.” And the following discussion ensued between them:

Robinson:     Papa, you are looking very happy, what is going on?

Father:          (still smiling) Yes, it is about those people that came to your house today.

Robinson:     Papa, so what about them?

Father:          I want you to listen to them. They are good people.

Robinson:     But they are not from your church.

Father:          Yes. But I want you to follow them.  And I will be very happy.

Robinson:    Okay, Papa I will do as you say, so that you will be happy, I promise.

Of course, that was a dream.  But Brother Urephu recalled that while alive, his father had a way of emphasizing whatever was important to him.  All his children knew that he would repeatedly remind them to do what was right and that made him happy.

So for appearing to him, Brother Urephu was very certain that his father endorsed the church, but he did not know why.  But on their first day at church upon invitation by the missionaries, his curiosity was answered. The following was his account.

“It was in the Gospel Principles class.  And the topic was the plan of salvation.  The teacher remarked that there were many unhappy spirits in the spirit prison, and that many of them were eager to be freed from the prison.  As the class progressed it struck me that my father might also be in that prison, and like other spirits, might be eager for freedom too.  I knew it should make him happy to gain his freedom.”

“So I asked to know how such spirits could be freed from the spirit prison.  Mention was then made of the temple and the ordinance of baptism for the dead. These left a warm feeling in my heart.  I knew immediately that my father was truly in need of his freedom, and I should do that for him.”

“Following our baptism, I was eagerly looking forward to a visit to the house of God – the Temple in Aba, Nigeria.  My first trip to the temple was a very emotional one.    Having taken in baptisms for the dead on behalf of several long gone spirits, I felt humbled.  I was grateful to be an instrument in the hand of God to bring joy to the spirits of ancestors that have long gone.” 

“I shall be in the Temple again, to do Temple work for my father and more of my ancestors when I am one year old in the Church.  I have begun to research my ancestors to prepare them to receive the restored gospel by baptizing on their behalf.  I know that if I am able to accomplish this task, the joy and happiness of my father will be full.”