First Sunday Service held for the newly created Oyarifa Ward


A newly created ward, Oyarifa ward, as part of the Adenta stake, was brought to fruition as they had their first Sunday service on the 20th of March 2022. This ward was created from Abokobi ward, Adenta 2nd as formerly known and now dissolved West Adenta ward, now Adenta 4th. Oyarifa ward has a membership of two hundred and fifty-nine (259) in total with eighty-one (81) in attendance during the first Sunday service.

The new ward commenced their first of many wonderful sacrament meetings to come, with Daniel Ekow Sam as bishop, Emmanuel Ebenezer Adjei-Assan as first counselor and Henry Asafo-Adjei as the second counselor. Oyarifa ward was also privileged to have other truly called and able ward leaders to service, as they help in gathering Israel.

It was quite special to note that their first Sunday service, happens to coincide with the Relief Society anniversary celebration, hence, members were privileged to hear two wonderful and inspiring testimonies from two Relief Society sisters and a talk from the Relief Society president.

“As part of the Lord’s promise, we will all have the opportunity to feel and experience the true and restored gospel in our day. The Prophet has urged that we strive to serve in the Lord’s vineyard in any way possible, put our shoulders to the wheel and push along”.