Fulfiling A Childhood Dream

Fulfiling A Childhood Dream

Here we share with you, one of the wonderful experiences happening in West Africa, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints continues with its Humanitarian efforts.

Many years ago, in a small village in Ghana, a small boy had a thirst for knowledge, and because there was no school building in his village, his schooling was obtained under a tree. He walked on his bare feet, often without breakfast and no pocket money to school.  It was sheer determination and hard work that kept him attending.

His youngest sister’s death from measles when he was in sixth form made him resolve to study medicine, even though it seemed against all odds for a starving young boy. But he believed if you can conceive it in your mind and if you can believe it in your heart, you can achieve it. 

 In spite of an illness before his A-level examinations, he managed to pass well enough to apply to medical school, where he was able to gain admission through what he believed as Divine intervention.

Today, this once poor, hungry boy is Dr. Thomas Baah, the Director of Save the Nations Sight Clinic in Madina, in the Greater Accra Region. 

 With the aid of equipment and supplies donated by the Church, he has been able to perform thousands of surgeries- 2,936 eye surgeries in 2012, of which 2,298 were for removing cataracts, which causes blindness. 

 A few weeks ago, a presentation was held, where the Church donated more equipment to this clinic. These include, a slit lamp used for microscopic examination of the eyes, an A-scan machine used for ultrasound tests, and a keratometer which measures the curve of the cornea. 

The presentation was attended by members of various Communities, Government and Church leaders as well as many of Dr. Baah’s patients who expressed their joy at having their sights restored.

 In his acceptance speech, the Doctor expressed his gratitude to the Church and explained that he does not just wait for patients to come to him.  He sends staff and buses to the small villages of Ghana, assessing people with eye problems, and transporting those who could benefit from surgery to his clinic in Madina for the procedures. 

 The people are then, the next day, transported back to their villages, with the ability to see the beauty of the earth and the smiles of their friends and families. Follow-up is done by the traveling staff members.   It is a great blessing to be associated with, and partner with people such as this fine Doctor.