Historic Conference in Bo Sierra Leone

bo choir

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues steady growth in Sierra Leone and West Africa. The 86th and 87th stakes in the Africa West Area of the Church were created on Sunday 12th November 2017 at a conference held in Bo, the largest city in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone.

Presiding over the historic conference was Elder Marcus B. Nash, First Counselor in the Africa West Area Presidency. “It was a glorious bi-stake conference,” he said. “Almost 1,950 Saints from Bo area, gathered to sustain the creation of these two stakes and their newly called leaders. Smiles and joy abounded.”  

Elder Nash continued. “These good people have the desire, individually and collectively, to hearken to the Lord’s precepts and lend an ear to His counsels. It is apparent that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ brings order, peace, and hope to places and people everywhere. These Saints have the opportunity to press forward… blessing their families, their community, and their nation.”

The creation of the stakes was a historic event. The Church was originally established in Bo in 1990 with only five members. Despite civil war, unrest, and devastating outbreaks of Ebola, membership in the Church has grown at a rapid rate.

The total membership of the Church in Sierra Leone stands at 19,237 members, comprising 76 congregations organized in four stakes and four districts. There is one mission in Sierra Leone and ten Family History Centers.

In addition to the two new stake presidencies, twelve bishops were called in the newly organized wards.  

Bo Sierra Leone North Stake President, Victor Korseh Hindowa said, “I can testify that this call is indeed from Heavenly Father. With prayers and support, Bo North Stake will continue to grow and serve the members of this area’’.

Peter Brima Kpaka, Stake President of Bo Sierra Leone West Stake said, ‘’I know that God lives and directs His Church. We are called to serve His people. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve you’’.

In his concluding remarks Elder Nash said, ‘’Brothers and sisters, we are here at a very exciting time for Sierra Leone. It is important to recognize that you will be led by men who are called of God. Pray for them and support them in all you do.”