Kaneshie Stake YSA Cook Off

Even though Friday morning started out with a cloudy sky and rain, it wasn’t enough to stop the young single adults from the various wards of the Kaneshie Stake to meet together at the stake center for their cook off competition.  The activity started with approximately 50 YSA’s and by the close of the activity at 4:30pm there were 210 in attendance.  Each ward brought their own cooking equipment and was assigned a cooking station.  Both men and women were involved in cooking, setting up fire, fetching water, chopping fruits and vegetables, and setting up canopies to provide shade for the cooks and tables for the final presentation.  

ysa cooking banku

Each of the seven units, namely: Kaneshie, Odorkor, Anyaa, New Weija, New Gbawe, Gbawe, and Darkuman, were asked to choose five people to represent their wards.  Those who were chosen represented their wards very well.  The menu for the evening included: ampesi and palava sauce, fufu and abunabunu soup, konkonte and groundnut (peanut) soup, banku and okro soup.  The three officiating judges were finding it difficult to choose the winning group.  Each of the contestants did so well that that they were unable to identify just one winner

Some of the comments by the young single adults included a statement by a YSA Sister who said: “At home I cook alone.  Here there are many to cook with.  It is more enjoyable to cook around many people.”  Another said, “It is wonderful, it has been lots of fun because we have met so many friends here.”  One said, “There really is not a competition but just lots of fun.”  Another said, “It’s so fine.  We have learned about how to prepare lots of food and we’ve met other young single adults.”  One YSA brother said, “The sisters are teaching us how to cook.”  Several YSA brethren expressed their excitement to be in attendance because they were looking forward to eating the food!”

President Sosu, 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency, said that the Kaneshie Stake Presidency is grateful to all those who came to the YSA cooking competition and all the young single adults.  “We love you and care about you.”

Ladies preparing soup
Men in the Kitchen
ladies cooking