Kaneshie YSA Stake Movie Night

The young single adults gathered together for an enjoyable Saturday evening, March 11, 2017 activity at the stake center. Popcorn and treats went well with a very thought-provoking movie entitled,“The Ultimate Gift”.  YSA leader Emmanuel Freeman welcomed the group of 38 and after the opening prayer encouraged everyone to be prepared to share what they would learn from this movie. It was about a grandson who had been given raised with much wealth by his family, but not given responsibility along with it.  His grandfather passed away and provided a way for his grandson to grow and mature – if he was willing to follow his requests. If he did, he would receive a great inheritance.  However, if the grandson refused to follow his grandfather’s guidance, he would then be left with very little.

When the movie ended, several YSA’s shared what they had learned from the movie.  Some of the comments made were, “If you can’t be great with a little, can you be great with a lot?”  “The movie showed how his grandfather helped the grandson grow into a man.”  “You can’t buy everything,”, and “Falling in love is important.”  Several also commented that, “money is not that important, but family and friends are more important.”

President Francis Sosu, 2nd Counselor in the Kaneshie Stake Presidency lead a discussion about the importance of following the principles of self-reliance.  He also said that as we look ahead to marriage and parenthood, teaching children the principles learned from this movie would be a blessing to them.