Kasoa Stake Young Single Adult Devotional and Open Forum

Kasha YSA Activity

On February 19, 2017 the Kasoa Stake young single adults met to listen to members of their stake presidency and wives - President and Sister Annan-Simons, President and Sister Tandoh and President and Sister Frimpong.  President Samuel Annan-Simons shared that he promised the Elders who taught him the gospel that he would also serve as a full-time missionary—no matter what!  He said that when times of temptation came along to choose other pursuits, he remembered the promise he made to the Elders that he would serve.  He expressed how deeply grateful he is that he kept that promise, and bore testimony of the many blessings he experienced as he served the Lord as a missionary.  He thanked those who had served missions and encouraged those who were still of age to prepare and serve.

Each of the stake presidency and their wives took time to share their story of how they met and their circumstances regarding financial, educational and spiritual status.  Each of them expressed how they felt their spouse was a special person that they wanted to be close to and that it wasn’t about money or education, which is what people sometimes consider most important.  Several talked about how hard they worked to provide and took whatever jobs necessary, even when it was far from what they would really like to do for employment.

Time was available for questions from the YSAs.  Their questions had to do with concerns about good employment and how to approach it.  They also had questions about what qualities the stake presidency couples thought were the most important in each other.  Some concerns were shared about dating and frustrations of being turned down for a date, or misconceptions about two people dating and people assuming they are a couple pursuing engagement when they are still open to meet other people and have fun activities together.  President Annan-Simons addressed this last- mentioned frustration and said that young people should start dating earlier (as referred in the “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet) and how group dating is encouraged.  He felt that if the YSAs would do group dating and enjoy some wholesome fun activities together this might help deter the idea of the traditional “couple dating” and the frustration that goes with it.

The devotional was a success.  There were 65 in attendance.  The stake YSA committee did a great job organizing and advertising this event.  Afterwards everyone enjoyed some refreshments as well as socializing.