Known by God, Loved by God, Needed by God


Sister Susan H. Porter, General Primary President and Sister Michelle D. Craig, First Counselor General Young Women Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints arrived in Accra, Ghana to begin a week of teaching and ministering in the Africa West Area.

On Saturday 5 November 2022, the Area Organization Advisors came to Accra from throughout West Africa and joined Sister Porter and Sister Craig for training, listening, and learning together about the strengths and concerns regarding the members of the Church in West Africa.


Later in the afternoon at an afternoon area wide devotional with the young women and women Sister Porter and Sister Craig shared, “Heavenly Father wants you to know that you are Known by God, Loved by God, and Needed by God.”

During her remarks Sister Craig asked everyone to take a moment to quietly ask themselves, “What should I start doing?” “What should I stop doing?” She continued “Pay attention to what comes to your mind. Remember what thoughts came to you. Those messages came from the Holy Ghost. That is what personal revelation is. Once the Holy Ghost has spoken to you then you must learn to act on that personal revelation.”

Sister Craig asked listeners to visualize the beautiful African women who carry their heavy loads upon their heads. 'As members of the restored gospel, we should also help others lift their heavy loads.”


As Sister Porter began her remarks, she asked all of the primary children in the congregation to come and join her on the stand. One by one the children made their way up to stand near Sister Porter. She asked the children in attendance and those listening to the broadcast to join her in singing “I am a Child of God.”

At the conclusion of the song Sister Porter took the time to individually hug each primary child and to share her love with them. As the children returned to their seats she spoke tenderly to the children and said, “When I go back to Salt Lake City, I will know that I have hugged many of Heavenly Father’s children today.”

Sister Porter closed her remarks by saying, “Whatever effort we must make to keep our covenants we must make that effort. As we do that Heavenly Father will help us to be a light to help draw others to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Elder S. Gifford Nielsen, Africa West Area President concluded the meeting by saying, 'We are gathered together across the Africa West Area we hope you have felt of our love and concern for each of you.'

During the next week Sister Porter and Sister Craig will continue to travel and meet with members of the Church throughout the Africa West Area.