Koforidua Food Bazaar

relief society

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, Koforidua Stake Relief Society hosted its very successful annual Food Bazaar.

As in years past, all the women of the ward and branch Relief Societies were asked to prepare local drinks or dishes to 'sell' at a minimal cost to those members and friends in attendance. Weeks prior to the event the 11 RS presidents were given assignments such as; preparing foods made from rice, cocoa yam, or cassava, or treats such as pastries, chips or pineapple drinks. The sisters were also given stake funds, which they had to carefully budget and account for, in order to purchase their needed food items. 

'The Food Bazaar provides the sister's experiences in self-reliance while they have the opportunity to show their talents and enjoy sisterhood,' explained stake RS president Erika Rogers Bean.

The variety and quality of dishes were outstanding as shown by the reactions of a caterer (not of our faith) who attended the Food Bazaar and smiled as she enjoyed many well-prepared dishes. 'Your women have done well,' she said.

The event was a great success and the sisters felt happy to be a part of the wonderful worldwide Relief Society organization.

Mile 50 Branch RS bought pineapples at the market and prepared bottles of fresh pineapple juice. Most of the foods were prepared on site by many talented sisters.

What wonderful, delicious event!