Kumasi Area Summit Strengthens Young Single Adults

Kumasi Area Summit Strengthens Young Single Adults

Thursday, 24 July 2104, was a bright day for the young single adults of the Kumasi Coordinating Council who participated in the remarkable event that took place at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The council includes Bantama Stake, Dichemso Stake, Mampong District, Obuasi District, Nkawkaw District and Sunyani District.  This “Summit” was long anticipated, and the first ever held for the young single adults in the Kumasi area. The three day Summit provided a wonderful opportunity for the more than 400 young single adults to learn, have fun and form new friendships. The theme for the Summit was “Learn Wisdom in Thy Youth”.

Upon arriving, the participants registered, received their room assignments and were divided into twelve groups, each with a different Book of Mormon name.  They met in these groups each morning for a devotional and discussion of their goals.  The smaller group size facilitated communication and gave all an opportunity to take part more fully.   

A welcome address was given by President Sosu, first counselor in the presidency of the Bantama Stake and chairman of the Summit. In the evening, after dinner, they assembled in the hall where they had a program called “A Night of Performance”. Single adults performed and displayed their talents, such as singing, acting and presenting funny jokes. All enjoyed this great evening of performing.  They left the hall happy, excited and chatting with one another.

During the conference participants were able to learn from various workshops and presentations.  Samuel Appiah, bishop of Bantama 1st Ward, and Sister Adade, from Nwamase Ward both spoke on “Self-management”. They shared their experiences of finding ways to sustain themselves while going to school. It was never easy but the sacrifice was worth it.  Both are returned missionaries and felt that preparing to go on a mission and serving a mission gave them experience and provided the guideline for pursuing their goals.  After returning from their missions, it seemed like they carried a heavy load, but through persistence and hard work they acquired the best education possible.  This has blessed their lives.  They encouraged the young adults to serve missions and counseled them not to give up but to put their trust in God and move forward.

Elder and Sister Call led a discussion on “The Covenants and Ordinance of Marriage”.  They helped all to understand the meaning of a covenant with God to be a sacred agreement between God and man.  They reminded the participants that God sets the conditions of the covenant and then promises to bless those who obey those conditions.  An ordinance was defined as a sacred formal act performed by the authority of the priesthood.  The young single adults were asked to think of and list the ordinances of the Church.  From the list, the Calls helped the class identify the ordinances needed for Salvation. Then using Section 131 of the Doctrine and Covenants, it was made clear that in order to obtain the highest degree in the Celestial Kingdom one must enter into the new and everlasting covenant of marriage.  The young single adults left with a greater commitment to marry in the temple.

Elder Vinson, first counsellor in the Africa West Area Presidency, had fun with the participants as he led them in a game of “Who am I”. Each person tried to identify the name of a person from the scriptures that had been attached to their back.  They did this by asking questions of the other young adults, resulting in much talking and laughter. After this game, Elder Vinson gave an inspiring address and counselled the young adults to pattern their lives after the Savior Jesus Christ.  He spoke of other persons in the scriptures such as David and Abigail who, while still young, were excellent examples of righteous living.

For the workshop on “Preparing for Honorable Employment”, half the group went with Brother David Dapaah Mensah, manager of the self-reliance center, and the other half went with Elder and Sister Pack, self-reliance missionaries. Brother Mensah spoke on the importance of a career. He introduced the group to the Perpetual Education Program and encouraged them to visit the self-reliance center. Elder and Sister Pack discussed the various ways to prepare for work. Their topics included how to present yourself well for an interview, deciding on the work you will do, creating a job using your skills and abilities, qualifications for different jobs and how to succeed in the work you do.

Sharing their impressions on the entire Summit, some participants described it as one of the most enjoyable activities they had ever had in the Church.  Others commented on the knowledge they had acquired and the inspiration they had felt. The Summit provided the opportunity to develop good relationships and form new friendships and gave direction to young adults who are making some of their most important life decisions.