The La Ward Catches the Vision of YSA Sunday School


The Africa West Area Presidency is encouraging wards and branches where possible to provide a YSA Sunday School class to bring the young single adults together.  This is a wonderful opportunity to study the gospel together, strengthen and encourage each other, relate gospel principles to YSA concerns, and bring back the less-active. 

The La Ward, located in the Christiansborg Stake caught this vision about a year ago and has held a regular YSA Sunday School class.  Nicholas Asamane, a YSA class member was asked what benefits he saw from his attendance.  He said his faith was strengthened and this class was a good preparation for going to the temple and getting married.  He also said that he had made “good” friends and had learned the importance of dating and proper relationships.

A big “thank you” to the La Ward Bishop Gyampoh and the YSA Sunday School Class for your great example and leadership.  Many other wards/branches in the Africa West Area are in the process of organizing YSA Sunday School classes.  This will be a great blessing to many young single adults