The young single adults were 60 in number when we traveled to the Wli Water Falls in the Volta Region of Ghana. We were accompanied by Brother and Sister Adjei who are the Stake YSA Couple and also John Desewu and Marlene Aquaye who are the Stake YSA Representatives. It was a great journey from Accra to Hohoe which lasted for four (4) hours. We were given a tour guide on our arrival and we walked about 45 minutes sweating all over while we crossed 9 concrete and wooden bridges that led to the waterfall. We walked two by two (a male and a female) to mingle and get to know each other better. We also took pictures and splashed in the water.

Two hours after the fun at Water Fall, we went to the Hohoe meetinghouse where we had our lunch and continued with our activities. We divided into four groups and we had games and some fun together.

First, we had two sets of puzzles, one of them was a picture of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and the other was finding names of Prophets in the scriptures.

Second, we played musical chairs and third, we had a dancing competition between the four groups.



By Kathryn Majola Odonkor (Mamponse Ward)

Taking a trip to the Northern part of the Volta region of Ghana wasn’t on my checklist. At the end, I feel it is one of the best trips I have taken in a long while. It was really fun going on the trip and getting to know other Young Single Adults in my Stake. I recently just returned from a mission and seeing some new faces that I didn’t know gave me the opportunity to meet and to get to know people and have meaningful fun. The most amazing part of the trip was the wonder of the Lord’s creation- the Wli Waterfalls. I have heard and seen how beautiful it is in pictures, but now I got to see it for myself. Passing through the gates and walking to the falls reminded me of our mortal journey here on this earth. It was a long walk to our destination, just like we are so far from our Heavenly Father and He wants us to put our best efforts to return to His presence.

There weren’t many obstacles on the road to the falls, but it was an interesting feeling and it made me think of the feeling one would get entering into the presence of the Lord at the last day being exalted. Everyone was happy to get a feel of the water and I imagined how joyful it will be when we have our friends and family with us at the last day and we would be amazed at all the wonders the Lord has created. In this mortal life, we don’t get to see all the wonders of the Lord has created, but indeed He has created many worlds and many things just like He told Moses in Moses 1:3-4. I know the Lord gave me this opportunity to see one of His wonderful works and to know that He is still God and I am grateful for that opportunity and the opportunity to mingle with people that I share the same standards with.

By Ephraim Patrick (Mamponse Ward)

First of all it was wonderful privilege to be in Volta region for the first of May. As I walked with my date for the day from the Information Centre through the woods to the water fall, I had the opportunity to behold the beauty of God's creation which added more knowledge to my testimony about the reality of God. Because of the natural environment, the pictures we took were magnificent and lovely to behold. After several minutes of walking through the forest, coupled with climbing hills, walking on bridges and passing through security checkpoints, we finally got to the waterfalls and it was a sight to behold. Nature is indeed beautiful. From the joy we all experienced as we got to the falls, I then pictured how sweet and blessed it will be if am able to endure faithfully through this mortal journey to be with my Father in Heaven as I did through the groves to the waterfalls.

There is always a feeling of being home whenever I come across a Latter-day Saint chapel whenever I found myself in a new area. I had the same feeling when we got to the Hohoe Branch chapel. We had a lot fun, learnt gospel truths and there were wonderful ways of getting to know each other as we participated in activities like chair dancing, word and picture puzzles as groups. Though shy, I had the privilege of participating in the dancing chair and it was amazing being part of that and representing Omni group. I also came to make some wonderful young single adult friends in the stake and appreciated the beautiful talents they have. Finally, I would say it was worth embarking on such a lovely journey. I thank our Father Heaven for the idea, which He gave to our YSA leaders to organize such an outstanding program. I enjoyed it and can't wait to have another one.

By: Veronica Orji (Dansoman Ward)

The love for nature is my joy. The trip was a wonderful experience especially getting to know others, getting to a different environment, the awesome journey which I thought would never end, plus falling asleep on the bus :-). Everyone has wonderful styles created in the bus to rest no matter how small the seat was or how long the journey was. This made me think that no matter where you are you should create the best out of it. The gospel teaches me to be free in heart and in spirit towards others. The more I get to know others or observe and admire them from a far, I understand how wonderful the Lord is, and how much He loves us, and I come to appreciate His creations more.

By Robert Mettle-Nunoo (Mataheko Ward)

After prayers and admonitions we began our journey to Wli Water Falls. We sang, watched movies and listened to music, and played drums in the bus for entertainment on the way. There was lot of fun, and breakfast in the, which I enjoyed a lot. There was water available in the bus and drinks too. It took us about 4 hours to get to the Wli Falls. I saw the Akosombo River and other mountains in the area. I loved seeing the forests and the monkeys and other animals there.

We finally got to the Wli Falls. We had fun climbing the mountain to see the falls and where the water came from through the Mountains. We also walked all over the water’s edge when we go to the top of the waterfalls. I took pictures and it was all fun. Others took pictures and there were very nice moments to experience. The water showed me that God is great and all power belongs to Him.

We all got our way back to the bus and moved to the Hohoe Meeting house were we had our lunch and then had lots of activities among ourselves.