Liberia Young Single Adult Summit: Strong and Courageous

Liberia Young Single Adult Summit: Strong and Courageous

July 11 and 12 saw 173 Young Single Adults from Liberia assemble at Ricks Institute in Virginia, Liberia for the first Young Single Adult Summit ever held in Liberia.  Each branch in the country had at least one person attend.  Many friendships were made, and all had a great experience being with other members of the Church and enjoying the beautiful setting of Ricks.

Those attending were provided great food, inspiring presentations on the theme “Strong and Courageous”, and fun activities.  The program began with an orientation to Ricks Institute and the schedule for the Summit.  A get acquainted game was played to get the youth familiar with others they didn’t know.  The youth were divided into two groups—the red group or the blue group.  They stayed with their group to play games and listen to presentations from speakers.

The participants heard several motivating presentations.   Sister Precious Freeman gave instruction on “Marriage and Family” and Brother Nelson Kamayan spoke on “For the Strength of Youth.”

Games and activities were enjoyed by the Young Single Adults.   The games and activities included:  Three-legged races, Spaghetti-Noodle game, Balloon-Cup game, Spoon-Lime relay race, “Master, Master” clapping game and football (soccer).  Time was also provided for everyone to mingle and make new friends and acquaintances.  According to many of the youth the opportunity to mix and mingle was a blessing to them.

The participants had the wonderful opportunity to hear Elder Terrence Vinson, First Counselor in the Africa West Area Presidency, speak to them, as well as President Roger Kirkham, President of the Monrovia Liberia Mission.  It was a blessing for the youth to have these two great priesthood leaders attend and share their powerful testimonies and love of the gospel.

The youth were also inspired by Sister Lillian Martino, a young lady born in Ghana and later adopted by a Latter-day Saint family in the United States.  She related her life story and how she has started a Foundation called “Friends for Friends” which will help needy children in Ghana.  She inspired the YSA’s to set goals and work toward them.

The following are some of the comments given by attendees:

Brother Boakai Kamara  said:  “The talks and games were uplifting and fun.  Meeting new people was so good.  The Summit has motivated my behavior and strengthened my conversion.  It has helped me cultivate my love and respect and by doing so will help me come out with flying colors.”

Sister Angelina Kortor appreciated the words on dress and modesty and how doing so will appropriately show respect for Heavenly Father.

Brother Umaru Sesay made a comment that was shared by many others when he said:  he was “Grateful to come to the first ever Young Single Adult Summit in Liberia”.

Sister Grace Harris replied:  “I enjoyed all the speakers and Sis. Freeman and Lillian Martino inspired me.”

Brother Emmanuel Paul said:  “This was a great day!  I was very inspired by Elder Vinson’s talk and to know that he was called as a Seventy.  I felt the spirit in this gathering.”

Siister Queenie Tugbeh summed up what many said when she replied:  “Being with the youth of the Church and having an emphasis on the commandments was a highlight for me.”

The first Young Single Adult Summit in Liberia provided the opportunity to make new friendships, hear inspiring words to strengthen testimonies, have fun and eat good food.