Madina Stake YSA Family Home Evening


The Madina Stake was just created in January 2018, however, they had a wonderful group of 90 Young Single Adults attend Family Home Evening which was the stake activity for April.  Young Single Adults representatives from each ward helped in the planning.  The Stake YSA representatives Alice Apedo and Ken Dadzie conducted and lead the evening activities.

Along with the opening hymn and prayer, President Ewudzie, 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency shared a gospel message on “Repentance, A Key to Spiritual Growth”.  He led the discussion with scripture reading from the book of Enos in the Book of Mormon and how his experiences relate to the Young Single Adults today.

Elder and Sister Pierce, Area YSA Senior Missionaries were also invited to share their thoughts on the importance of repentance.  Sister Pierce said that even though the Savior will forgive and forget our sins, sometimes we still remember those sins which can be a reminder to help us not repeat the same sins.  Elder Pierce also shared an experience of one of his former ward members having the burden of sin lifted through sincere and complete repentance because of the Savior’s love and suffering for each of us.  There was then a question and answer period where the attendees asked various gospel questions that were discussed by the group.

Several “get to know you” activities were held.  One activity involved dividing the group into eight small groups and sharing what they had in common.  Then a member of each group would report gathered information to everyone, so others could identify common interests of others and make new friends.  The second activity started by forming two lines facing each other.  One line took off one shoe and put it in a pile.  The other line had to pick a shoe and find out who it belonged to.  Each person was to introduce themselves and then share two adjectives that described them.  Many new friends were made as a result of both activities.

The evening concluded with several testimonies by various ward members and then refreshments, a closing hymn, and benediction.

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