Men In the kitchen


The Elder's Quorum with High Priest group of Mataheko Ward in the Lartebiokorshie Stake organized a Ward activity on the 4th of November 2017 dubbed; ‘Men in the Kitchen’. The activity was to give the Priesthood holders the opportunity to showcase their cooking skills.

Each group was assigned to prepare a particular local food such as; Banku and Okro stew, fufu with light soup and groundnut soup, kokonte with groundnut soup and Ampesi with Palava sauce.

Some of the groups began their preparation earlier than the intended day while others bought their foodstuff on Saturday morning.

It was fun and exciting to see how the brothers exhibited their cooking skills amidst friendly conversations. Each group was sure of becoming the victor.

While the priesthood holders cooked, the Relief Society sisters practiced how to use a local bead to make bags and other items.

relief society

When the food was prepared, the Relief Society sisters had the privilege to taste the various meals prepared by the men. To the surprise of the sisters, all the various foods were delicious to the taste. After eating the food, a primary child exclaimed: “the men cook better than the women”!  This comment triggered much laughter among the participants.

 Bishop Odoom concluded the activity by urging the priesthood holders to occasionally excuse their wives from the kitchen and assume the cooking responsibility to show much love.