Missionary Work Restores Family Relationships

Missionary Work Restores Family Relationships

As sister Bose (not real name) emerged from the waters of baptism she was really grateful for the privilege to be baptized.  Looking back on her recent past, baptism should have been a far cry.  Only the grace of God could bring to pass what appeared impossible to her. It was indeed, a season of miracles for her. 

When Bose came in contact with the missionaries, she knew that the gospel they were preaching was true.  She needed the gospel to re-organize her life that was then in tatters. She was eager to be baptized and so she prepared herself for the baptismal interview.   But her expectations were soon dampened.  She wept profusely when she learned that she could not be baptized on account of her moral life – she was living with a man other than her husband.

Undaunted, Bose was willing to make amends immediately and continue with her new found faith.  But it was not that easy.  There were more rivers yet to cross.

Bose’s interview further revealed that she had a husband, Victor, (not real name) who had walked out on her and their five children.  And all efforts and entreaties by their families to reconcile them had failed.  So, being frustrated and lonely, she welcomed another man, Alex (not his real name) into her life.  

As the interview further revealed, Alex had moved in with Bose after also leaving his own home, his wife Mary, (not real name) and children.  Such was the sordid state of affairs that surrounded Bose.  Her dreams of being baptized, visiting and worshipping in the Temple of God, began to recede in her view.

However, more than Bose herself, the missionary companions were equally concerned about the loss of this lovely daughter of God to the whims and snares of the devil.  What should be done?

Elder A said to his companion, “We cannot leave sister Bose alone.  We must keep visiting her as the Mission President has directed.”

Elder B agreed, “Yes.  And we must be prayerful too to know the mind of God for her.”

During one of such visits, the Missionaries were impressed upon by the Spirit to ask Bose if she truly would want to be re-united with her husband, and even be sealed in the temple with her family. “Yes”, she responded emphatically.

“We assure you”, continued the missionaries, “that it would be as you desire if you would go and reconcile Alex with his wife and family.  Do that and watch how God will bless you and your family.”

As a woman of faith, Bose accepted the huge challenge. She knew Heavenly Father would forgive her, but she doubted that her husband should ever accept her again.  She expressed this doubt when the missionaries asked for her husband’s contact information.  Yet she obliged them.

 Bose visited Mary as she promised, not knowing what to expect.   But with tears in their eyes and an outpouring of love for Bose’s courage, Mary forgave Bose and Alex, her repentant husband.  Alex was later welcomed home to his family.

 Meanwhile, the missionaries had contacted and visited Victor, Bose’s husband.  The encounter was one of great surprise for Victor.

 “How could these young, men bear so powerful testimonies of the divinity of marriage and the family? He wondered. Yet he felt the truthfulness of it and knew immediately what God would have him do. 

Victor and Bose were finally reunited as a family in one home. Bose and her children have been baptized and Victor is currently receiving the missionary teachings as well.