Mpintsin Ghana and Takoradi Ghana Stake Leaders Meet Area YSA Training Meeting

Takoradi Stake YSA Committee

Many young single adult lives are being blessed as ward and branch YSA Sunday Schools and weekly Family Home Evenings are being held in the Africa West Area.  On July 1 2017, the Mpintsin Stake Presidency, Bishoprics and Stake YSA Committee met for a Saturday mid-day training session to receive more direction and information for implementation.  The Takoradi Stake Presidency, Bishoprics and Stake YSA Committee met the next day after the block meetings for a similar training meeting.  The young single adults are very important to these two stakes.  It was very apparent by how well each meeting was attended.  The participation was also impressive with a renewed effort to focus both on the active and less-active YSA’s.  Details were given on how to hold a successful YSA Sunday School Class as well as providing information on Monday night family home evenings that also provide a wonderful opportunity to encourage “one take one” per the Africa West Area Plan direction.  A role play was also provided by Elder and Sister Pierce, Area YSA Senior Missionaries, on how to help YSA’s to feel welcome as they attend Sunday School, Family Home Evening and other YSA activities.

Peter Kwofie, one of the Takoradi Stake YSA Representatives mentioned that they had been holding their monthly stake YSA activities.  They are currently encouraging each ward to provide a list of their YSA’s so they can encourage involvement including reaching out to their less active members.  He said that one thing he learned from this training was how YSA’s should relate with each other and unite together. 

At the beginning of the stake YSA committee trainings, a fun get-to-know-you activity was enjoyed which helped the stake committee to know each other much better.  This type of activity helps a group work much closer together with greater unity.  All involved feel much more included and realize their contributions are important.  They were challenged to use these ideas in their future activities to better welcome each young single adult.

Both President Odro-Mensah, Takoradi Stake President and President Dzikpe, Mpintsin Stake President gave encouragement to the Bishoprics for implementation as well as their counselors who were also in attendance.  Elder Matthew Davis, Area Seventy attended each of the training sessions and commended each group for implementing both the YSA Sunday School Classes and weekly FHE’s to bless the lives of the YSA’s.