Multi-Stake Sports Festival to Mark 20th Anniversary

Over 2,571 members from the stakes of the Greater Accra area converged at the El-Wak Sports Stadium on April 8th to commemorate the 20th Anniversary to mark the division of ‘Accra Ghana Stake’ in 1997.

As the membership of the Accra Ghana stake increased, church leaders decided to split it to form Lartebiokorshie and Christiansborg Stakes.  These two stakes begat eight additional stakes, making 10 in the Greater Accra Region, with soon to be created Teshie Stake on 23rd April this year.


In his welcome address the match commissioner, President Charles Sono-Kore, outlined the procession of the activities and admonished participants to follow the rules of the various sporting disciplines and refrain from abuse and dishonesty of any kind.

He implored, “This day was set for us to come together and have fun, and to see ourselves once again, I plead that you will adhere to the rules of this activity so we can enjoy peaceful atmosphere till the end.”

Kaneshie Stake President Flint Mensah, presided, acting on behalf of Elder Atta Koranteng who was away on a special assignment. Sister Mercy Sono-Kore was assisted by President Mensah to officially open the activity by kicking a football.

The participating Stakes were Christiansborg, Tema, Lartebiokorshie, Adenta, Ofankor, Tesano. Kasoa, Ashaiman, Kaneshie and Koforidua District.

Various disciplines of participation included; Soccer, Track events, Volleyball, Basketball. There were indoor games such as Draught, Ludo, and Oware.

The participants in-turn fiercely contested in their assigned games with much excitement and anxiety to clock a medal or even lift the trophy, which was the Ultimate Prize for the winning stake. 

Tesano and Ofankor soccer teams survived the gala competition and locked horns at the grand finale. Tesano football team dictated pace in the first half but couldn’t score a goal. The table turned in the second half as Ofankor team mounted incessant pressure on their opponent but all yielding futile.

The game ended in penalty shoot- out which led Tesano to triumph over Ofankor with a 3-0 goal line score.

“We came this far through courage, faith, resilience and prayer, I knew we would win because we were honest and united as a team.”  President Mac Gohi of Tesano Stake made this statement after the match.

Flint Mensah

President Flint Mensah closed the event by extending appreciation and gratitude to the stake leaders for making the activity successful. He then admonished the gathered members to remain focused and faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wished them traveling mercy as they return to their homes.

Below is the list of some winning teams and participants:

100M Race (Ladies)                                             100M Race (Men)

1st – Priscilla Otema (Koforidua District)             1st – Charles Addy (Kasoa Stake)

2nd – Favour Okeke (Ashiaman Stake)                  2nd – James Mortey(Tesano Stake)

3rd – Honesty Adedzie (Adenta Stake)                   3rd -  Laryea Akrong( Adenta Stake)

4*100 Race (Ladies)                                               4*100 Race(Men)

1st – Koforidua District                                               1st – Christiansborg Stake

 2nd – Ashiaman Stake                                                 2nd -   Tesano Stake

3rd -    Kasoa Stake                                                       3rd -    Tema Stake

Tennis Table

1st – Amoah Sylvester (Lartebiokoshie Stake)

2nd – George Awuni (Kaneshie Stake)

3rd – Felix Asare (Adenta Stake)                                  

Volleyball                                                                     Football

1st – Ashiaman Stake                                                    1st - Tesano

2nd Adenta Stake                                                         2nd - Ofankor

3rd – Lartebiokoshie Stake    


  1ST – Amoako Daniel (Kaneshie Stake)                     

   2nd -   Kingsley Boateng (Koforidua district)

100m race
ladies ampe
xborg stake
Adenta Members
the trophy
oware game
Koforidua memebers