New Director of Temporal Affairs in West Africa

New Director of Temporal Affairs in West Africa

The Africa West Area is pleased to welcome Philippe J. Kradolfer as the new Director of Temporal Affairs.  He comes to this position with a vast store of knowledge and experience having been employed by the Church for the past twenty-nine years.  Brother Kradolfer’s most recent position was in Salt Lake City, Utah as Director of Leadership Training for the Church.  He has previously served as a DTA in South America South Area, Europe East Area, Europe North/Central/East Area, Mexico and Quito, Ecuador.  In addition he has worked as Regional Manager for Temporal Affairs, Materials Management and Physical Facilities in Peru and Bolivia.

The Kradolfers, Philippe and Regula, have served in so many areas of the world in his employment with the Church.  Brother Kradolfer has had the opportunity to serve in a wide variety of Church callings as well:  Mission President in Tucson, Arizona;  Branch President in Moscow, Russia; Regional Representative in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia; Executive Secretary to the South America North Area Presidency; Stake President in three different Stakes in Peru.

“What a blessing it has been to have had the opportunity to live in many countries around the world. Getting to know people from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds has helped me to appreciate the concept that we are all children of God. Underneath a very thin layer of culture, nationality, language, and even experiences we are all the same. We smile for the same reasons, we cry for the same feelings, our feelings of happiness, or sadness or of love are shared universally. There is a oneness in the human race pointing clearly to our common background as children of a loving and kind Father in Heaven. We are all brothers and sisters” Brother Kradolfer states.

The Director of Temporal Affairs provides support to the Presiding Bishopric and Area Presidency in the Africa West Area.  Brother Kradolfer will continue the good work of his predecessors in providing leadership and direction to the Finance, Physical Facilities, Materials Management, Human Resource, Welfare, Member & Statistical Records, Information and Communication Systems, and Self-Reliance.

The Africa West Area is indeed fortunate to have Brother Kradolfer – a man with vision, energy, and a delightful sense of humor – as the Area continues its rapid growth.