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Daniel Abeo &  Evelyn Abeo
Daniel Abeo & Evelyn Abeo

Daniel Abeo &  Evelyn Abeo

Daniel Abeo and Evelyn Abeo, four children, Chantan Ward, Accra Ghana OfankorStake: Nigeria Uyo Mission. President Abeo is a former stake president, high councilor, bishop, bishopric counselor, branch presidency counselor, elders quorum president, national director of public affairs, seminary teacher and district missionary. He was born in Accra, Ghana, to Jospeh Seko Abeo and Mary Amanobea Asare.

Sister Abeo is a former ward Young Women president, ward Primary president, wardRelief Society presidency counselor, Relief Society teacher and missionary in the GhanaAccra Mission. She was born in Abeka, Ghana, to Lawrence Yaw MannDzikunu and Lucratia Mana Kalitsi.

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