One Take One: An Invitation to Act


Earlier this year, in a sacrament meeting, I watched for the first time the area goal presented by the Area Presidency. As I reflected on the message and the invitation that was extended, I rejoiced because as an elders quorum president and a stake seminary and institute supervisor, I felt that this was exactly what I needed to do in my quorum and with the stake seminary and institute program.

I invited Brother Frank Anno Ekwam over and talked with him about my feelings regarding the area goals and the invitation extended. One Saturday morning, Frank and I embarked on a movement we called “accounting to the people tour.” We visited with as many members as we could. We began the visiting at 9:00 a.m. and went until 9:00 p.m. It was tiring, but we were exceedingly glad to have spent the day visiting. We invited those we visited to also visit at least two people and encourage others to do the same. We asked for specific names from those we visited for follow-ups.

Many of the people we reached came for sacrament meeting. During our ward conference, we were thrilled to see a brother we had not seen at church for a long time. I felt so happy seeing the smile on the faces of these lovely brothers and sisters during Sunday service.

Brother Frank and I extended this to the institute students in our ward. Institute enrollment increased through the “one take one” invitation by the Area Presidency. Sisters especially would call, text, or send other messages reminding others of institute class. We also extended the “one takes one” to chapel cleaning, temple attendance, and stake programs.

I am happy for the spiritual guidance of the Area Presidency. I feel much joy in my heart being a modern good Samaritan, binding up the broken hearts of ward members and pouring in joy. Obeying our leaders does bring blessings—something I have witnessed in this “one take one” invitation.