Our Faith Led Us to the Temple

He was indeed healed without ever taking medication again.


My wife and I had the opportunity to visit the Ghana Accra Temple for the first time in March 2013. Our purpose was to receive the endowment and have our marriage sealed for eternity. Three days prior to our departure, our 5-year old boy became ill with a high fever. We tried as much as possible to treat his illness before our departure for the living ordinance at the Temple, but his condition worsened.                                  

His health continued to worsen. Our siblings said we should forfeit our temple trip and find a cure for our son. With faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we turned down their suggestion and focused on the intended journey.

On the eve of our departure, our son continued with signs of anemia and a critically high fever. We were disturbed but not discouraged. We thought about whether to quit the temple trip or journey with faith.  We finally got on board the bus with our son and members of the Stake. Even though our mode of transportation was by land, we were determined with a strong feeling about our son’s safety and resulting healing by the Lord Jesus Christ. With much prayer and faith, we got to Ghana Accra Temple safely. 

A great miracle took place as soon as we got to Accra. Our son (Marc Harris), suddenly stood up and began to admire the scenery of the Temple. He was the first to get off the bus and ran around the temple. Stake members who witnessed his condition were surprised. My wife and I were completely amazed at our son’s health. From that moment till we returned to Abidjan Marc Harris never complained or showed any sign of illness. He was indeed healed without ever taking medication again.

This miracle taught us that everything is possible as we continue to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.