Our Heritage: David William Eka: Translator of Truth and Example of Service

Our Heritage: David William Eka: Translator of Truth and Example of Service

David Eka was living in Britain attending school when he received a letter from his uncle who was then in California, USA.  In this letter, the uncle informed David Eka about the new Church that he had found and had joined – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Although David wanted to know more, he waited until he arrived back in Nigeria where he met with some senior missionaries.  He offered to travel with them from village to village and translate- into the native language- the gospel as the missionaries taught.  As he did this, David learned many things about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and gained a testimony that what he was hearing and learning was true.

On September 8, l979,  David was baptized by Spencer Palmer of BYU who was visiting with senior missionaries, Elder and Sister Cannon in Nigeria at the time.  He was confirmed a member of the Church and was given the Melchizedek priesthood.  He immediately started his service to the Lord.  Because he was a translator, many opportunities opened for him to serve the Church. His callings are many, and he served the Lord with all his might.

During the next few years Brother Eka valiantly served in many Church capacities – first as the District Clerk and subsequently as the counselor to four different Mission Presidents.  He was then called to be the District President of Aba, Nigeria.  When the first stake was created, he was asked to be the first Stake President in Western Africa.  At this time Regional Representatives were established and he was next called to serve in that position for in Western Africa for five years.

At the conclusion of those five years, David imagined that he might have a little time to relax. However, he was then called to be an Area Authority Seventy, followed by his service as the Mission President for Lagos, Nigeria for three years.  When he returned from his mission, President Hinckley called him to be a Temple Sealer in the new Aba, Nigeria Temple.  His work still wasn’t done.  He was called back to be an Area Seventy again for the second time.  He has served the Church his entire life. 

David Eka bears a strong testimony:  “I know that God lives, very strong and firmly. I know it in everything that I do on the road, wherever I go, I know that I am governed by the influence of God.  And I know that Jesus Christ is His Son.  I’m also his son, but Jesus Christ is his Begotten Son and my senior brother.  I trust Him; I rely on Him, and I call on Him every time to be with me and assist me in all that I’m doing.  I’m so impressed with the scriptures that I have come to cherish, and trust the Book of Mormon.   It is another testament of Jesus Christ.  It highlights all the hidden details of things in this life, and exposes hidden knowledge, the mysteries of heaven.  I am so grateful to be associated with the prophets, and know them.  These are great souls, and whatever they tell me to do, I believe.  I pray I that I can use the remaining days of my life to tell people about Christ, to bring them to Christ, and show them the way forward.  I know if they do these things, their lives will change, and they will be blessed. I testify to the truthfulness of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”