Overcome Your Doubt!

Overcome Your Doubt!

Overcome Your Doubt!

Doubt is one thing many may be battling or struggling with from time to time. Even the best saints will always have need of help to strengthen their faith.

Times of Doubt

Many people whom we regard or consider to be pillars of faith may have had moments of doubt. This does not mean that they had less faith but that their faith was being challenged in a new way. There may have been situations in their lives that challenged their faith – uncommon, unusual things that they came across.

“Doubts about matters of religion that arise from a lack of knowledge can be constructively resolved. The solutions are instruction, study, and prayer, which result in increased testimony, which drives out further doubts”  (Ensign, Nov. 1994) Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve

If we are genuinely seeking salvation from God in the midst of doubt, we should exercise patience and faith because in the end, we will move closer to Him.

Adversity and Doubt

There are situations in our life that can challenge our faith. We read in 2 Nephi 2: 11 “For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things.”  What are the situations in your life that are challenging your faith? Let such situations move you closer to God, not further away from Him.

In cases of prolonged uncomfortable situations such as sickness, disease, hardship, poverty and the likes, one seems to be tempted to doubt His ability or desire to help.  What one has not experienced before in one’s life may generate anxiety, worry, panic and doubt in one’s faith.

The testimony received and carried within us enables us to hold a steady course in times of prosperity and to overcome doubt and fear in times of adversity. Each of us needs to know what a testimony is, how we can get it, and what our responsibilities are once we have received a testimony.”  Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve (New Era, Aug. 2002)

As we move closer to God in the midst of doubt,  we will find the strength to trust Him and our faith will grow even stronger. One of Satan’s strategies or tactics is to get us to doubt God’s goodness. Mind you, doubt can become a sin if it leads you away from God to skepticism, cynicism and then to hard-heartedness. One should be patient because God’s time is the best. Satan always tries to make us forget all that God has given us and focus on what we do not have.  Never doubt God’s ability and desire to help.

God gives everyone plenty of evidence to believe in Him. Doubt comes when we fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence. Once in a while, we should create time to reflect over God’s involvement in our lives. Many who are from poverty-stricken and sickness–ridden families are able to live above all of that because they see the sweetness of God’s tender mercies in their lives.

Review God’s Involvement in Your Life

  • You will realize  how your testimony has grown
  • You will grow in confidence that He will help you in your present situation
  • You will realize that even in your unique situation, a solution is forthcoming
  • God will never fail or abandon you.

Testimony from a Prophet

President Howard W. Hunter taught that people who have honest doubts can overcome them and gain a stronger faith.  “I have sympathy for young men and young women when honest doubts enter their minds and they engage in the great conflict of resolving doubts.  These doubts can be resolved, if they have an honest desire to know the truth, by exercising moral, spiritual, and mental effort  They will emerge from the conflict into a firmer, stronger, larger faith because of the struggle. They have gone from a simple, trusting faith, through doubt and conflict, into a solid substantial faith which ripens into testimony.”  (Conference Report, Oct. 1960)

 May we each, no matter our age or maturity in the Gospel, learn to overcome our doubts and gain a testimony that will lead us to Eternal Life.