One Take One: Returned Missionaries Embark on Temple Trip

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“The Lord gave us a fundamental principle on how to build up His Church when He commanded: “And if any man among you be strong in the Spirit, let him take with him that is weak that he may be edified in all meekness, that he may become strong also.”

Area Plan 2017

The principle of ‘One Take One’ as contained in the 2017 Area Plan has implored many members of the Church to have a sense of direction toward the fulfillment of the Lords Commandment of building up his kingdom on this earth awaiting His second coming.

To fulfill this great plan, Returned missionaries from the seven wards in the newly created Teshie Ghana Stake invited others who they could strengthen to join them for Temple trip.

The wards encompassed Teshie 1st, Teshie 2nd, Teshie 3rd, Nungua 1st, Nungua 2nd, Nungua 3rd and Adjorman.

Brother Ebenezer Sackey of Teshie 3rd ward explained that “We are here to perform ordinances, especially to pray for other returned missionaries even in the West Africa Area to have the zeal to continue missionary work in their various wards. I am optimistic that, as we come together as a union we would help strengthen each other physically and spiritually in this mortal journey.”

They assisted in proxy sealing, proxy baptism, and confirmation. Some also helped through endowment sessions.


“We do not organize Relief Society, Priesthood quorums, Primary, Sunday school, Young Women, Young Men, or other activities of the Church just to run a good organization.  Rather, we use these programs to facilitate that one who is strong in the Spirit takes another with him so that he may be edified in all meekness, that he may become strong also.  And then, the one who has become strong in the Spirit will take another with him.  In this way the Church will grow mighty and powerful, one person, one family at a time”. (Area Plan 2017).

Omorogbe Irene Lugard testified,  “  Participating in proxy sealing today had awakened my conscience on how the celestial kingdom would be, and coming together as a family or union is a sign of strength which would enhance the principle of ‘one take one’ as contained in the Area Plan. “I was very excited when called to join the temple trip. I have no reason to doubt the Lord of His promised blessings to returned missionaries”.

“I was glad to be part of the group who have begun to answer one of the questions in the Area Plan' who will take who to participate in the ordinances of the temple?” Said Miracle Eze.

The trip was successful with 15 Returned missionaries in attendance.