Africa West Area

    Youth are invited to participate on February 23, 2020, in their homes, meetinghouses, or other locations.
    Strengthening the Rising Generation
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    Presentation files, video, and materials are available for download.
    “I was blessed to start coming to Mali before the Church was organized here,” shared Elder Nash. “And I have some people that I’ve grown to love very deeply.”
    Organizers (YSA Reps) explained the reason for the event as an opportunity for YSAs and members to gather and listen to sacred and inspirational Songs and Messages that will pierce their hearts and cause them to do good continually.
    Video: The Africa West Area Presidency presents Area Plan for Leaders and members for the year 2019.
    These changes are being made to better position the missions in Nigeria for the future growth and establishment of the Church.
    'Home evening is a time for group activity, for organizing, for the expressions of love, for the bearing of testimony, for learning gospel principles, for… fun and recreation … unity and solidarity.”
    Invitation by president M. Russell Ballard (acting President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles) to Members of the Africa West Area.
    The Lagos Nigeria Temple will be the second temple in Nigeria and the ninth in Africa.