Area Seventy Messages

Our Area Presidency has invited each of us to be a watchman: we are to make sure that one who is strong in the Spirit takes with him another who needs help, to receive the ordinances of the priesthood and keep the associated covenants.
Elder Akinbo reminds us that it takes a lifetime to prepare to meet God.
“It is a serious wrong in the presence of the Almighty for one not to sustain the authorities of the church and then to go away and oppose them and trample underfoot the counsels that they give, and he will be judged of the Lord for it'.
We worry about things that are for the Lord to fix for us. We mortgage our eternal happiness for things that have no eternal significance to us.
After reading the Book of Mormon day and night for three or four days, he had become a new person. All desire to break the commandments of God was gone.
In the April 2015 general conference, Z. Dominique Dekaye and J.K. Chukwuemeka Igwe were sustained as new Africa West Area Seventy. They are replacing Elder Ini B. Ekong and Elder Norbert K. Ounleu who were released at the same conference.
If we remember our divine heritage and promised blessings, we will be able to resist worldly temptations.
Our journey through mortality is more of a long distance race than a sprint. Gospel  guidelines will help us build our spiritual strength and endurance.
What threat does the tradition of men pose to our journey back to our Heavenly Father?
One of the most fascinating teachings of the restored gospel is the doctrine of redemption for the dead. The scriptures are very clear (Rom 14:8-9) that the Savior is the Lord of both the living and the dead.
As we learn of who Christ is, the truth about this distills upon us, our testimony becomes stronger and we become faithful sons and daughters of God.
The Lord is mindful of us:  He has a perfect plan for each and every one of His children.  Those moments of sorrow and hardship in our lives are actually designed for us to become sharpened, refined and better people.