Brother Ake, Ikechukwu Felix recounts his Conversion Story in Nigeria.
A sister shares her experience with the law of Tithing.
David Fosu Asiedu, a member of the Adenta 2nd Ward in Accra, Ghana, shared this history of his family’s membership in the Church in December 2016.
“It is a serious wrong in the presence of the Almighty for one not to sustain the authorities of the church and then to go away and oppose them and trample underfoot the counsels that they give, and he will be judged of the Lord for it'.
If we remember our divine heritage and promised blessings, we will be able to resist worldly temptations.
Joining the Church brought about a great change in him. He learned that if he wanted the best of what God was offering, he needed to do his best in whatever he did.
When I opened my envelope I realized that it was more than what my colleagues had received.  I knew the money was not meant for me, so I had to go back to the Facilitators and report my experience to them.  They confirmed I was given money three times the amount I should have received.
What compelled Fred Antwi to give up this position of honor – one which many may esteem very desirable?  Fred had found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Firm in his testimony of the principles and doctrines of the Gospel, Fred’s course in life was changed.