Our Pioneers

How the 1978 revelation blessed me and my family.
How Ghanaian Church Members Risked Imprisonment for Their Faith.
Brother Ake, Ikechukwu Felix recounts his Conversion Story in Nigeria.
The Church created its first branch in the African country of Guinea , according to ldschurchgrowth.com.
Saints in Togo See Daniel’s Stone Rolling through Own Land  
Serving a mission in Ghana before and after the freeze presents challenges but also brings blessings into the Life of Billy Johnson’s daughter, Alice Johnson Haney.
They were ready to run for their lives, but had nowhere to run to and had resigned themselves to fate, when they heard, for the second time that week, a voice behind the menacing officer question, 'Are there LDS missionaries in this town?'
Lucien recalled, you know when you receive the Holy Spirit you want everyone to feel that joy that you feel. I said to myself that Africa, especially Cȏte d’Ivoire, absolutely needed this gospel.
If we remember our divine heritage and promised blessings, we will be able to resist worldly temptations.
The conversion of Isaac Addy to the restored Church in 1976 required faith and trust in the timing of the Lord.
“I determined to break from poverty by seeking God earnestly.” What made this more than a childish wish was that she also made several powerful commitments. These, she felt, would help her find a better life.
Our journey through mortality is more of a long distance race than a sprint. Gospel  guidelines will help us build our spiritual strength and endurance.