President Terence N. Vinson

“The Growth of the Church in West Africa”
'A Wise King Once Said ....... '
The drift away from God is very much like being caught in a riptide in the surf. Anyone can be caught in the current of pride.
The YSA of Greater Accra were instructed and inspired by our Area President, Terence M. Vinson
As we approach General Conference with eagerness and seek for the personal revelation that can come to us as we listen or read, or do both, we can be taught directly by the Spirit ourselves.
A new, important resource for teachers will help us learn to teach in the Savior's way.
While we’re here on the earth, we’re not so much discovering new doctrine as we are taught by the Spirit, but re-discovering doctrine that we’d known prior to this life. There is a more literal “re-cognition”, rather than just “recognition” in the usual sense of the word.